When He Reigns, He Pours!

Friends and Family,

It has rained everyday since coming down here, but what has stuck with me more than any of the mosquito bites or humidity, is the incessant raining down of the Spirit upon the time we have already spent here.

Our days have been filled with talks, orientation, cooking, cleaning, singing praise and worship, prayer, getting to know everyone, and plenty of sleep. Here at Intake (training), there are 6 families (with a combined total of 31 children), 13 single women, and 4 single men. Through their beautiful witness of love and sacrifice I am learning to embrace the chaos and messiness of life.

_MG_7008(Our main meeting space in the Big House)

Out in the country you’ll find our diverse group living in a hodge-podge of trailers and houses. This community of love, messiness, and Jesus is called “Big Woods”, which I’m sure is no coincidence at all, to the “Big Hearts” that inhabit it. I have already experienced great southern hospitality by the families and teams living here, who have graciously welcomed us and are teaching us each day.

Amidst it all, there is no lack of leisure and fun. We have eaten alligator sauce picante, danced to live Cajun music, and even had a pool party in the rain.

I’m so excited to be here; to grow more and more each day, and to become a missionary after His own heart. Each day, I am being challenged to live intentionally in the love of God; to let His love be the foundation of my life, and the foundation of everything I do. It is easy for me to loose conviction in this truth and often, I am quick to forget of the Father’s great love for me. But I gaze up at Him in the Tabernacle, on the cross, and in the beauty of creation, and my heart melts. He utters His voice in scripture and the whole earth melts. (Psalm 46:6) The walls I put up. My pride and perfectionism. Any façade or strength I believe myself to possess melts away, and I sit content in my weakness, and His Glory, His Goodness, and His Love.

Just as the waters rain down upon us each day, God’s glory, mercy, and love reign down upon us all. Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord, reigns in our hearts. He reigns in this place.

Thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support.  I love and miss you all. At the end of the day, stay close to the Heart of Jesus, for that is where I hope to be.

In His Abundant Mercy,

Madison Smith



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