Are You Thirsty?

Friends and Family,

Another week of Intake has come and gone, and once again I stand in awe at glory and goodness of God. As I’m writing this, the song “Wonder” has popped into my head.

“May we never lose our wonder,                                                                                                  wide-eyed and mystified,                                                                                                                may we be just like a child,                                                                                                          staring at the beauty of our King.”

It was a whirlwind of a week that was filled with confidence, doubt, laughter, tears, conviction, truth, mercy, beauty, brokenness, wonder, and so much joy! Jesus, truly you are beautiful!

_MG_7262.jpg(This is my friend and fellow missionary Libby embracing me in a warm hug. The community of women here is amazing, and I am so grateful for my sisters in Christ who challenge and call me higher each day!)

This week commenced with a three-day inner healing retreat. Under the guide and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we spent three days delving deep into our hearts. We discussed how so often our distorted and broken view of wordly love damages our view of God’s love and our relationship with Him. God’s unconditional “no matter what love” isn’t based on the things we do or do not do, but instead flows from our inherent dignity and worth as heirs and children of God. This is not always an easy concept to grasp, but after this week I am convinced that we owe it to ourselves to call out the lies we are believing and to claim His victory and love as our own.

In a society that is addicted to pain-killing and quick fixes, satan entices us to fill our innate human longings with ungodly things. The facts are there: depression rates, our obsession/addictions to drugs, sex, television, alcohol, porn, power and money show how our hedonistic cultural views promise false happiness that ultimately leaves us searching for more. We are thirsty for love, belonging, appreciation, safety, worth, and uniqueness. We are thirsty for these good things, and it is time we turn to Goodness Himself for the answers. Jesus is Freedom, Truth, Happiness, Purpose, the Way, and Life Himself. He is Love, Belonging, Safety, Worth, and Appreciation.

The question the Lord asked me at the end of the week was simple,

“Are you Thirsty?” Do you want my mercy and forgiveness? Do you want My Love over the love and pleasure of the world?

It seems like a pretty straight forward question, but I realized that in order to more fully embrace all that the Lord desires to give me, I have to swallow my own pride and admit that I can’t do things on my own. It was only then could I give a heartfelt cry, “Yes, Lord I am so thirsty for you. I want you. I surrender whatever control I believed myself to possess. I give you alone sovereign rule over my life!”

So I challenge you all to allow Him to ask you this same question too. Are You Thirsty? I encourage you to kneel before our Lord and Savior and beg for a drink of His life-giving water. You won’t regret it!

He already thirsts for you! I pray that each day your hearts thirst for Him more and more!

Please continue to keep all of us here in your prayers as we continue to learn, love, and grow together. Lord God, we praise you and glorify your name.

In His Abundant Mercy,

Madison Smith


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